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Security, is just as important as any other form of insurance.   A long-term strategy is the key in achieving your financial goals.  At Toto Group, LLC we offer two types of annuity options.

Deferred Fixed Annuity
(provides a steady, fixed return on your money)

Deferred annuities can be a great choice for building a tax-deferred retirement nest egg.  They are a good option, if your goal is to build up a retirement fund and enjoy a guaranteed income for life.

Immediate Fixed Annuity
(protects your retirement with steady, predictable income)

Immediate annuities are a good choice if you are retired or about to retire and are looking to supplement other sources of retirement income with payouts that begin soon after you buy them.

Typically, they're purchased with a single payment that's converted to a steady stream of income that lasts a lifetime (or a specified number of years).  Some options let you pass payments on to a beneficiary.

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